• Civil law

Commercial law

Our law firm advises clients on civil law matters on a daily basis.

In addition to drafting new contracts under civil law or commenting on existing ones, we also represent clients in negotiations of contracts. In contract negotiations our main focus is to offer comments and modification proposals on legal matters, nevertheless we also try to offer practical observations so that we can represent our clients in the broadest possible sense.

In addition to typical civil law contracts, such as sales, service or security contracts, we also have extensive experience in connection with drafting and advising on complex, atypical contracts.

Our lawyers have drafted shareholders’ agreements for joint ventures and project companies on many occasions, and we have been often engaged by clients to prepare outsourcing agreements for various transactions, including deals in regulated industries (e.g. insurance).Our staff members are familiar with the intricacies of drafting various types of franchise agreements, and we have in-depth knowledge of a number of industry-specific contracts (e.g. factoring and leasing).

Our services to large corporations include the drafting of general contract terms (in various areas such as procurement and sales) and the review of existing ones for legal compliance, and the revision of contracts from a legal and practical perspective.

We have wide-ranging experience in connection with cross-border services, including the drafting of commercial agency contracts based on in-depth knowledge of the underlying Community legislation. We have drafted many distribution agreements, allowing us to gain a good understanding of the needs of both manufacturers and distributors.

In product liability cases we work with our clients to develop defence strategies, draft the documentation for product recalls and provide assistance in the defence against injured parties, insurers and the consumer protection authority.

If requested, we provide an opinion on the most important matters of business law, such as liability, guarantees, warranties or breaches of contract.

Our lawyers also have experience with personal rights, which include a wide variety of legal areas under Hungarian law, from human rights and privacy law to defamation law. We have represented clients in disputes involving violations of personal rights, including unlawful disclosures of confidential business information and injuries to reputation. We also have experience with the new form of damages that has been introduced under the new Civil Code.