• Corporate law and M&A

Corporate law and M&A

We have wide-ranging experience in corporate law and M&A transactions. As we have a large number of international clients, our lawyers regularly provide advice to companies of all kinds and sizes, including companies limited by shares, limited liability companies, partnerships, branch offices and other entities in diverse fields of corporate law.

We provide comprehensive services in connection with the establishment of companies, including joint ventures and holdings, particularly on matters such as optimum capital and ownership structures and the division of powers and responsibilities.

Our staff members have extensive experience in the drafting of internal policies and regulations, particularly corporate bylaws and the rules of procedures used by Managing Directors, Supervisory Boards and the advisory boards modelled after German practices. We have drafted complex shareholders’ agreements that covered a wide range of matters that the owners wanted to regulate.

Upon request, we will prepare invitations to shareholders’ meetings, draft the minutes of the meetings and the resolutions adopted there, and our lawyers will also represent shareholders in the meetings on the basis of proxies.

We offer a monitoring service to determine whether corporate documents require modifications or updates due to legislative changes or any other reason (such as the expiry of the appointment of the auditor or a senior officer, or thin capitalisation).

We have assisted many clients in the performance of complex intra-group restructuring deals, where we established project companies, managed the in-kind contribution of a Hungarian subsidiary to another company, drafted share exchange agreements and managed cross-border mergers. We have considerable experience in the coordination of corporate restructuring arrangements covering several countries.

Our lawyers have in depth-knowledge of the various modes of corporate restructuring, such as mergers, amalgamations, demergers, spin-offs, and changes of corporate forms.

We have acquired significant experience in connection with corporate acquisitions in both share and asset deals, where we represented sellers and buyers alike, and we have regular working relationships with the largest Hungarian M&A consulting firms. We help the successful completion of the transactions with a practical approach to the due diligence review of target companies, the identification of exposures and the drafting of agreements.

We offer efficient representation in corporate law litigation, particularly in the judicial review of corporate resolutions, lawsuits filed by minority shareholders, disputes between shareholders and lawsuits filed for the invalidation of rulings by Court of Registrations.

We have also accumulated considerable know-how in connection with the voluntary and compulsory dissolution of companies and bankruptcy procedures.