• Corporate law and M&A

Corporate law and M&A


We have wide-ranging experience in corporate law and M&A transactions. As we have a large number of international clients, our lawyers regularly provide advice to companies of all kinds and sizes, including companies limited by shares, limited liability companies, partnerships, branch offices and other entities in diverse fields of corporate law.

● drafting of internal regulations

● drafting of complex syndicate contracts

● drafting the invitations to the meeting of the Supreme Body

● preparation of minutes and decisions on the meeting of the Supreme Body based on authorization

● corporate law restructuring, including the legal coordination of corporate reorganizations covering several countries

● coordination of transformations: amalgamation, merger, spin-off, separation, changes in corporate form

● participation in company acquisitions

● purchase of business shares or assets

● due diligence of target companies, analysis of contractual relationships, exploration of risks, drafting of contracts

● representation in corporate law suits

● participation in termination procedures: liquidation, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings