• Data protection

Data protection


BDO Legal Jókay Law Office offers advisory services related to the territories of GDPR and Compliance. We also offer privacy audits to clients where we prepare a detailed analysis of how to collect, use, disclose and transfer personal information. We give practical advice on how to modify a company’s privace policies and practices to ensure compliance with Hungarian and EU privacy rules. Upon request, we can also prepare privacy, HR, phone, e-mail, internet use policies etc. that are in line with the applicable Hungarian and EU legislation.

Our office often represents clients in privacy audits carried out by the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NADP). We are proud to have extensive experience in working  with the NADP.

BDO Legal Jókay Law Office has supported multinational companies when they intend to export personal data to other EU countries or outside the EU and help them implement their direct marketing policies. We have experience with regard to outsourcing arrangements, where personal information management units were outsourced to third service providers.