• ESG tanácsadás

ESG Advisory


ESG Compliance Assessments

We support our clients in assessing ESG compliance, we identify ESG risks and areas for improvement, and develop an action plan to address deficiencies.


ESG legal advice

Advice on specific ESG issues such as environmental regulations, labour law compliance. This includes legal advice on how to integrate ESG considerations into business strategy and operations, how to manage ESG risks and how to report on ESG commitments.


ESG due diligence

We support our clients in assessing the ESG risks of their suppliers and business partners, ensuring compliance with ESG regulations.


ESG contracts and agreements

Our legal office prepares contracts and agreements that include ESG requirements and provisions, such as sustainability clauses, environmental safeguards and social responsibility commitments.


ESG litigation and dispute resolution

We represent clients in ESG-related litigation and disputes, such as claims related to environmental damage, labour rights violations or human rights abuses.