• Labour law

Labour law

Our staff members have wide-ranging practical experience in various areas of employment law.
Clients often seek our assistance in the drafting of bilingual executive employment contracts and in connection with the review and revision of existing contract portfolios.

We have had numerous cases where we prepared or reviewed internal policies for our clients, including the employment law review of corporate bylaws and policies concerning devices and systems designed to monitor employee activities.

Even the most experienced HR manager can meet issue that do not appear to have a viable solution in the given situation, particularly in such complex fields of work-time arrangements and salary structures. We always strive to find a solution that is as practical and flexible as possible but at the same time fully thought through and addresses every detail. Such engagements can also include cases where we give an opinion on or confirm the viability of solutions proposed by our clients.

Our colleagues also have experience in the unique fields of temporary staffing and recruitment, and they are well versed in the application of special terms used in atypical employment arrangements in numerous cases.

We often advise clients on issues that arise prior to the planned termination of employment contracts, where we draft termination documents that are as safely compliant as possible in the light of the given situation and the risk known in connection with it. Our staff members also have wide-ranging experience in connection with mass redundancies.

Labour cases constitute a significant part of our litigation practice, where we usually represent employers. These cases mostly include lawsuits concerning the termination of employment contracts and the establishment of employee and mainly executive liability for damages.