• State aid law

State aid law

Our lawyers have in-depth experience in connection with state aid matters. We have represented numerous greenfield investors over the last decade, and we are thoroughly familiar with state aid schemes that are available on the basis of specific government decisions and in tender procedures.

We have been very effective in assisting clients from the earliest stages when they contact the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA). We can help with answering the questions the HIPA may have in connection with the proposed investment and in the optimisation of the project parameters (such as the number of jobs created, ratio of local suppliers, project term. etc.) so that the project qualifies for the most favourable treatment under the relevant state aid scheme. If requested, we are happy to offer our support in negotiations with the HIPA.

Our colleagues have extensive experience in the drafting of contracts on non-refundable state aid, whether these are signed with the central government or local authorities. We know the issues that can scuttle a contract and are aware of the leeway that investors usually have when it comes to bargaining about various contractual terms.

We have prepared applications for development tax incentives on our clients’ behalf numerous times. If required, we can cooperate with any of the Big4 accounting firms because we have an excellent working relationship with each of them going back to several years.

State aid can often take the form of infrastructure development, and our lawyers have significant experience in connection agreements concerning such projects. If an investor would like to receive support for vocational training arrangements, we can provide assistance throughout the relevant procedure, from the draft drafting of the training curriculum and the application to the preparation of the contract.

Clients often request us to give our opinion on whether a given arrangement might qualify as hidden state aid, and therefore we know what criteria to look for in order to determine the answer. Our colleagues also have extensive experience in connection with notification procedures, which are conducted when the European Commission’s approval is needed due to the size of the state aid. Our lawyers are familiar with Community state aid law, as well as the decisions adopted by the Commission and the European Court of Justice on these matters.