Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources

The Hungarian and European energy sector is undergoing constant transformation. Recently, the main topic was privatizations and liberalization of energy markets, the current transformation of the energy markets is now led by the reduction of GHG emissions and, in the long run, the stakeholders are getting more and more busy with issues regarding the switch to emissions free economy. In addition to the strategic transformation of the energy sector, the day-to-day operation of the industry is highly regulated, European norms, Hungarian laws and sectorial regulations provide the system of rules which must be applied by the players of the energy sector.

Our colleagues have decades of experience in the field of legal advising relating to the energy sector. Our experience extends to the full service of energy market players. Multinational and domestic corporations, power plant operators, energy traders, network operators and financing institutions were our clients.


Since the energy sector is based on multiple and complex system of rules, we are frequently approached by clients in connection with the interpretation of the regulations. Our diversified experience extends to advising on issues relating to the electricity, natural gas, renewables, climate change, nuclear and mining sectors.

Project development

Our colleagues have unique experience in the development and financing of both traditional and renewable power plants, including drafting EPC, network connection, fuel supply, power purchase, O&M, emission trading, balancing circle agreements as well as advising in the related competition law, public procurement and real estate law issues.

Energy trading

Our experience includes short and long term trading arrangements, both individual commodity trading agreements and EFET contracts.


As a result of the compliance with emission reduction targets, the use of renewables in producing energy is more and more significant. The lawyers of our firm have significant experience in solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass projects and the related regulations.

Gas, mining

We have significant experience in regulatory issues of natural gas exploration and production and the preparation of the related contractual structures as well as obtaining and transfer of mining licenses and concessions.