• Media law

Media & telecommunications

One of our specialist areas is media law, particularly matters concerning print and online media.

Our lawyers draft or evaluate contracts customarily required in the operation of media companies, such as advertising, promotion, distribution, printing, subscriber, software licensing, trademark transfer and other contracts.

Our staff members have considerable experience in advising clients on intellectual property issues, including copyrights, trademarks, publishing rights and domain rights.

Upon request, we provide opinions or advice on various issues that a media company can encounter during its daily operation, such as matters associated with data protection, consumer protection, complaints management and customer support.

We have successfully defended clients in procedures launched by various oversight agencies, the data protection authority, the consumer protection authority and the competition authority. Due to our past experience, we are uniquely positioned to offer effective defence to media companies in lawsuits typically filed against them, such as those based on alleged privacy violations or defamation, as well as in property law disputes.

Our lawyers also have in-depth experience in sports law matters, including the drafting and evaluation of contracts under private law, such as sponsorship and other similar agreements.

We offer ongoing services to banks in order to ensure regulatory compliance. We provide support to banks in the structuring of loan securities in order to keep lending risks at a minimum.

If requested, we prepare a report on banking and finance law matters encountered during a bank’s operation and provide opinions on specific credit, loan and security agreements. Beyond banking law, we also offer support to banks with respect real estate law and corporate law, and in compulsory liquidation, debt collection and litigious procedures.